Presentation and interview on how to obtain patient consent and store it digitally.

We made a presentation with Vincent Lermigny, DPO of the French leading private medical group AlmaViva Santé (41 clinics, 5000+ employees), on the dematerialized collection of patient consent. During this 40mn video presentation, we were lucky to be able to interview two medical professionals, Lucie Choleva, medical assistant, and Dr. Thomas Waitzenegger, orthopedic surgeon, who shared with us their hands-on experience regarding which personal data they collect, what steps they take in relation with such collection, how they determine the patient’s ability to give consent, and other fascinating questions such as what happens if a patient is unable to give consent. These exchanges lead to 15mn of questions from the audience on topics such as the possible confusion between collecting the patient data in relation to 1/ the performance of a medical act and 2/ the collection of personal data, as well as the norms that have to be complied in relation to integrity of electronically-stored consent.